The Steps

  1. Buy Hickory Board
  2. Cut Board into sticks
  3. Plane sticks to proper thickness.
  4. Cut off corners at a 45 degree angle.
  5. Sand shaft to smooth any imperfections. 

The Steps

6. Draw pattern on shaft

7. Burn pattern into wooden shaft by hand.

8. Hand sand wooden shaft.

9. Hand stain wooden shaft (optional)

10. Spray clear coat finish on wooden shaft.

The Double Diamonds!

The Coach's Stick Award!

The Single Diamond Series with Bands!

The Single Diamonds!

The Double Diamond Series with Bands!

The proccess I go through for each wooden shaft!​​​​​​​

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Why Hickory?

When Lacrosse was first played by the native Americans, They chose hickory to make their sticks out of for a couple of reasons. The first being the strength of the wood. Hickory is a hard wood with a tight grain pattern making it very strong. Second, although it is a hard wood and very strong, hickory is also flexible which allows the shaft to bend, giving it flexibility and strength. These are the same reasons why I make my Lacrosse shafts out of hickory.

It todays game you don’t see a lot of wood shafts any more because todays technologies have created lighter, more flexible, and durable shafts out of alloys, plastics, and carbon fiber. While these new shafts give you more advantages to help improve your game, there are a few things that they can’t do that a wood shaft will do.

Wood shafts are great for beginners because the added weight will actually give them a better feel for the ball when they switch to their game shaft. Just like a baseball player practice swings with weights on his bat to build his muscles, the wood shaft really helps younger players to define their muscle memory. This will ultimately give the harder shots and faster passes.

Wood shafts are also superior to metal shafts in unfavorable weather conditions. Metal shafts get slippery when wet while a wood shaft keeps its grip. Also a metal shafts gets cold in cold weather the wood shaft doesn’t because its solid and insulated.

Lastly, the wood shafts are just way cooler! I know that every time I’ve gone to a game or practice and there was a kid with a wood shaft I always had to check it out because I like said before you just don’t see them these days. With the added flare that I hand burned into the shaft, your son is sure to stand out where ever he goes, and will be the center of attention every time he steps on the field. 

My advice to you is to use this stick when ever you practice and then switch it out with your game shaft the day before your game and make sure to throw around with your game shaft before your game just to make sure you don’t have to make any slight adjustments in your throwing as you’ll see that your game day shaft will feel much lighter and you’ll have a lot more speed in your throws as I mentioned before. If you do this, you’ll see great improvement to your speed and your ball handling skills as you’ll have a much better feel for the ball once you switch to your game shaft.

I get great joy out of making these shafts and I hope you’ll enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it! ​​​​​​​

Here at Lacrosse trident it is our mission to grow the game of Lacrosse by infusing tradition and style back into the game. When Lacrosse first originated everyone had a custom stick because they were all hand made from hickory, but in todays game players have traded customization for run of the mill metal allows. Dare to stand out and get a true feel of the rich history of Lacrosse. Lacrosse Trident’s completely custom wooden shafts don’t just draw attention…they leave an impression!

All wooden shafts are made from 100% Hickory hard wood just like they originated. They are all 100% custom and hand made in the U.S.A. Holding a Lacrosse Trident  wooden shaft literally takes you back to the roots of lacrosse. ​​​​​​​

Not Just A Stick!